Exhibitor Services Manual

Welcome to the portal and thank you for exhibiting at the Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy (ICAAC)! This area of the website features important logistics information and forms you need, as well as deadlines and announcements. To continue our commitment towards sustainable and environmental best practices, I am delighted that our Exhibitor Manual will be fully accessible electronically via our website. Please review the manual in its entirety, as it has been designed to support you with the ordering of services required for your participation at the show. Also, please be sure that the person(s) responsible for coordinating your exhibit reviews the necessary items in the manual as well.

Once again, Freeman Exposition, Inc. will function as our General Services Contractor. They and the many suppliers we have contracted with for ICAAC 2014, have been carefully chosen as the most qualified and cost effective to serve your needs.  Please be sure to frequently review IMPORTANT DATES & DEADLINE LIST in order to take advantage of any preferential advanced pricing available to you as an exhibitor.  Some forms are mandatory, while others are optional.  We encourage you to read everything very carefully to make sure you meet the appropriate deadline for each form, and call the ASM Exhibits staff at (202) 942-9256 with any questions.

Every good market begins with planning, and ends with branding, so master the details now. Everything you need to know is here for ready reference and quick download.

Full Exhibitor Service Manual


The Service Manual forms below are broken down into five parts:

Show Management Information and Forms
Show Management Information and Forms provide general information about exhibiting, deadlines checklist, and mandatory forms such as your Meeting & Exhibit Guide Company Listing Form, booth diagram review, and Exhibitor-Designated Contractors (EDC) form.


Affiliate Meetings & Booth Promotion
ASM allows exhibitors to host educational symposium, exhibitor staff meetings, hospitality, focus groups, investigator meetings, and booth presentations during ICAAC 2014.  Please review the guidelines and select the forms that best meet your needs.


Raising the visibility of your company is the key to taking full advantage of your participation at ICAAC 2014. ASM has designed opportunities to give your company maximum exposure to the buyers before, during, and after ICAAC 2014 to keep your name in front of ASM members and attendees.


Other ASM Contractors
Order forms for audio visual, computers, floral, utilities (electrical, water, etc), lead retrieval and catering using these forms.


Freeman Expositions, Inc. Information & Forms
Freeman Expositions, Inc. is our official service contractor.  Through Freeman Online you can order carpet, furniture, cleaning, rental exhibits, signs, and graphics, material handling, view shipping information, and much more.


ICAAC 2014 Exhibitor Fraud Warning
As you know, we post the Exhibitor List online. Unfortunately, this makes us vulnerable to unapproved and non-vetted companies soliciting you for everything from hotel reservations to lead management services.


Please be advised that we strongly discourage you from working with any of these vendors as many are fraudulent or don’t warn you of hidden costs.  Click here to access our official vendor list that has been approved to contact you directly for ICAAC 2014.  When in doubt, email Kristina Morrison, Exhibits Coordinator at kmorrison@asmusa.org before signing on the dotted line!