Poster Presenter Guidelines

ICAAC is pleased to provide a convenient, high quality poster printing service to all poster authors. Call4Posters allows you to create or upload your poster online and have it printed and shipped directly to Washington, DC for a small fee. Save time, money and have the peace of mind knowing your poster is 100% guaranteed. To access the Call4Posters website, please visit Please note, all Poster Presenters received a notification with their login and password to access the site.

Include your poster in iPosters, ICAAC’s free of charge Virtual Poster Hall. Meeting attendees have access to iPosters on-site and for up to one year after the meeting. All posters are fully searchable and contain all of the text, charts, and graphs just as they were presented. iPosters fosters the open exchange of science between colleagues and allows you to print posters on-site and email your colleagues with follow-up questions regarding their research. To upload your poster to be included in the iPosters website, please visit Please note, all Poster Presenters received a notification with their login and password to access the site.

Poster Specifications

  • Posters should be no larger than 8ft. (L) x 4ft. (H).
  • The presentation number assigned to your poster must be placed in the upper left corner of the poster.
  • Include author names and the institution where the work was completed, in large letters centered at the top of the poster. Place your institution, phone number and email address in the upper right-hand corner.
  • It is suggested that you place a reproduction of the abstract in the upper left side of the poster, and use the headings ”Introduction”, “Methods”, “Results” and “Conclusions” to identify your poster layout
  • Commercial, product, and company logos must NOT be placed on posters or poster boards. Be sure to communicate this if the poster is being prepared for you by someone else.

Poster Setup and Dismantle

  • Poster set-up times are scheduled between the hours of 6:30 a.m. – 8:30 a.m., Saturday, September 6 through Monday, September 8, 2014.
  • Posters must be dismantled by 5:30 p.m., each day. Posters not removed by the designated times will be removed and place to the side so they can picked up the following day. Last day for pick up is Monday, September 8.
  • You will need to present your letter of acceptance to gain access to the Poster Hall in order to hang your poster. Your letter of acceptance allows you to proceed straight to the Poster Hall without having to check-in.
  • On your assigned date, Poster Storage will be available in the Poster Hall to check your poster and/or mailing tubes, if needed. Posters are stored at the presenter’s risk.

Poster Viewing/Presentation Schedule

  • Posters must be displayed on your assigned date only and should remain on the board until the end of the day.
  • At least one author must be available for presentation/discussion at the designated presentation time (refer to your acceptance letter), for a minimum of 2 hours.

Tips for Preparation

  • Posters should stimulate discussion; do not give a long presentation. Therefore, keep text to a minimum, emphasize graphics, and make sure everything in your poster is necessary.
  • Utilize handouts to supplement your poster.
  • Draw a rough sketch of your poster first.
  • You may find it helpful to use graph paper and small pieces of paper (e.g. Post-it® Notes cut to size) to better visualize where the components of your poster will go.
  • Materials must be easily read at a distance of 4ft. Ordinary type or carelessly prepared handwritten copy is unacceptable. As a rule of thumb, use a font size of at least 14 point and double space.
  • Place related materials (e.g. photo with accompanying text) close together, and then highlight it by framing with blank space.
  • Space your information proportionally: divide your poster either horizontally or vertically into three or four sections, and place your materials within those spaces.
  • When choosing a background, remember that neutral or gray colors will be easier on the eyes than a bright color. In addition, color photos look best when mounted on gray.

Please be advised that it is ASM’s policy that, while presenters are allowed to communicate with the press, their discussions may not be published until after the day and time of the actual presentation. Similarly, details of an invited presentation may not be part of an industry-sponsored symposium or other scientific event, unless scheduled after the day and time of the official ICAAC presentation. Policy is in effect until September 9, 2014.