Speaker/Convener Registration & Resources

Please note that the following information does not apply to Poster Presenters or Slide Session Presenters, only to Invited Speakers and Conveners of Invited Sessions.  If you are unsure if the following applies to you please contact icaacpc@asmusa.org for more information.


Registration, Housing, and Travel

All invited faculty must make their own registration, housing, and travel arrangements for the conference and then submit an expense form after the conference to obtain reimbursement.

ASM will only provide travel reimbursement of $1,400 for North American invited faculty and $2,100 for invited faculty from outside North America.  Reimbursable expenses include coach airfare, ground transportation, hotel, and personal meals. Itemized receipts are required to obtain reimbursement.

Registration and housing should be secured through the Invited Faculty registration/housing link. Please do not register or secure housing through the general attendee registration link.

Government speakers seeking in-kind support should email ASM at icaacpc@asmusa.org


Presenter Guidelines